Solar Energy

Solar energy is at the core of the growing Spectris portfolio with project roll-out at industry-leading levels of technology, engineering, quality, management and efficiency.

Solar is set to provide 50% of global renewable energy by 2050, and as such is the most urgently required renewable energy vector.
The defining aspects of Spectris solar energy
The Spectris network of specialists and suppliers is the best in the industry. Our international relationships in the design, supply and engineering procurement sectors are exceptional. Spectris, and its parent company, GoldenPeaks Capital Energy (GPCE), has been working with leading European and Chinese manufacturers for over 30 years and the relationships and efficiencies are therefore anchored. We continually benefit from learning of the latest technological developments at the earliest possible time.
Our financial and investment partnerships and our long-standing experience working with regional and national governments qualify us to provide solar installation with unrivalled efficiency.
Technology, benefits and discernment
The increase in efficiencies and the lowering of infrastructure and supply costs of solar energy have exceeded all year-on-year official projections over the last decade. As demand compounds and supply costs lower, the urgently needed deployment of solar energy farms is more and more enabled.

A competitive market fuels quality-control issues throughout the supply chain and requires exceptional predictive knowledge to ensure investment in the right technology at the right time.

At Spectris our experience and network enable the full harnessing of solar’s development benefits with minimal execution and investment risk.
Policy aligned and technically resourced
Ease of installation
Excellent hardware economies of scale
Unobtrusive and spacially efficient
Operational silence