Wind Energy

Spectris engineers have over 20 years of onshore and offshore wind energy technology and project implementation experience. We also benefit from having full access to the GoldenPeaks Capital Energy (GPCE) global infrastructure, enabling us to operate anywhere internationally.
The potential for Spectris wind energy
Spectris are ready to respond to renewable energy industry requirements as demand requires. We are focused on both wind and solar energy at the present time with a view to embracing hybrid systems as technology and opportunity allow.
Technology, benefits and discernment
Wind energy is complex to harness and initially capital intensive, but it has many benefits that complement solar as a critical energy vector in the de-carbonising world.  Its role in the pantheon of renewable energies is crucial and, with energy storage and grid-balancing technologies rapidly developing, its future installation is set to rapidly expand.

Spectris has formidable experience in this sector, and technology procurement is especially critical in a business where hardware and reliability can make or break an initiative.

Geology, environment and weather plus aero and electrical engineering variables demand longstanding experience to optimise installations and produce the best results.

A day and night energy source
Environmentally friendly manufacture
Excellent unit on-going efficiency
Possible offshore and remote locations
Technical potential for increased efficiencies